What are the symptoms of otitis media?

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Otitis media refers to an inflammatory disease that occurs in the middle ear. It can be divided into acute otitis media, chronic otitis media, and secretory otitis media. Different types of otitis media have different clinical manifestations.

What are the symptoms of otitis media?

1. Hearing loss: hearing loss and self-hearing enhancement. It shows that turning the head can sometimes improve and sometimes block the condition. If only one ear is affected, it may not be noticed for a long time.

2. Earache: Patients with acute otitis media will have persistent dull earache or throbbing pain from time to time, while patients with chronic otitis media will have less obvious earache. This disease may be accompanied by obstruction or swelling in the ear, which can be temporarily relieved by pressing the tragus.

3. Tinnitus: mostly low-key and intermittent, such as "crackling" sounds, buzzing sounds, and running water sounds. When the head moves, yawns, or blows the nose, the sound of air passing through the ears may appear.

4. Systemic symptoms: After otitis media occurs, patients may also experience some systemic symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, fear of cold, etc. If a child suffers from otitis media, systemic symptoms are usually will be more obvious.

5. Headache: Otitis media does not necessarily only show ear symptoms. Some patients also have symptoms in other parts of the body. For example, headache is a very common manifestation of otitis media. Because the ears are an important part for people to maintain balance, problems with the ears will cause deviations in people's positioning ability, which will cause a strong headache.

Suffering from otitis media will not only affect our hearing, but also affect our interpersonal relationships, whether at work or in study, it will have an impact on our lives. have a certain impact.

The incidence of otitis media in life is very high, so it is recommended that everyone pay attention to the prevention of otitis media and try to take good care of their ears in life. Regarding hygiene and health, when bathing or swimming, do not let too much water enter the ears. If water does enter, clean it up in time.