I already have hearing damage, can noise still hurt my ears?

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Some hearing-impaired friends think that since they are already somewhat deaf anyway, it is normal to turn up the volume when listening to the radio or watching TV. The noise in the surrounding environment can also be ignored and it doesn't matter.

My hearing has been damaged, can noise still hurt my ears?

Even if your ears have hearing damage, noise can still cause damage to your ears. Because hearing loss will lead to a weakened sensitivity to volume, it is impossible to realize that the volume is too high in time. Hearing that is already depleted is more likely to suffer serious damage. In order to avoid loud stimulation, you should stay away from noise sources, and if you have hearing loss, you should wear a hearing aid in time.

The damage caused by noise to the ears is related to its intensity and time. When the noise reaches more than 120 decibels, ear pain and other phenomena will occur immediately, acute injury will be caused immediately, and the body system will also be affected. The decibel level of the noise is not strong, but if you are exposed to the noise for a long time, hearing damage caused by this situation is more common. When you are first exposed to noise, your hearing will decrease and you will have tinnitus. Your hearing will recover when you are away from the noise. This is the earliest symptom. If you continue to be exposed to noise, irreversible chronic damage will occur over time.

Noise hearing damage is mostly irreversible
Sound is a kind of energy. Sound waves are transmitted from the outer ear and middle ear of the ear to the inner ear, are conducted layer by layer, and finally fall. On the "targets" - sound receptor cells and nerve cells.
Sometimes people hear explosions that cause ear bones to rupture and bleed, and the scene is very horrifying. But according to doctors, this situation is relatively easy to control through active and effective treatment. On the contrary, long-term exposure to high-intensity noise can cause damage to sound receptor cells and nerve cells, which is tricky because these two types of cells are non-renewable. Therefore, noise hearing damage is mostly irreversible. Ears, use and cherish them.

Doctors teach you how to use three types of electronic products
TVs, mobile phones, and headphones are the three most common types of electronic products in our daily lives. They also represent sound-generating devices with different degrees of closure and distance. Xia Li introduced:
It is best to adjust the TV so that it does not affect others;
  The handset mode of the mobile phone does not exceed 60 decibels. It is best to make and receive calls in a quiet environment. A noisy environment not only damages the hearing, but also damages the throat;

The mainstream earphones on the market include plug-in type and over-ear type. , bone conduction type three categories, it is recommended to minimize the wearing of plug-in headphones, because plug-in headphones put the ear canal in a closed environment, which is relatively more harmful to hearing, and the long-term ear canal is not breathable, combined with the material and cross-use, it may cause discomfort, allergies and even Ear infection.

No matter what brand or form of headphones, the most important way to protect your hearing is - volume, volume, control the volume!