Can You Wear Hearing Aids While Exercising?

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Wearing hearing aids during physical activities is a common concern for many individuals with hearing loss. The ability to wear hearing aids while engaging in sports or workouts depends on various factors.

Can You Wear Hearing Aids During Exercise?

During indoor workouts where there is no intense impact, wearing hearing aids is generally feasible. However, it is crucial to secure and maintain the hearing aids properly to prevent damage. Some users have reported no issues even during activities like inverted exercises, but this may vary based on individual ear shapes. For sports involving intense collisions, such as playing basketball or soccer, it is not recommended to wear hearing aids, as they may get dislodged and damaged. Hearing aids are more susceptible to external impacts than extensive movement.

For added stability, you can consider:

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC): Use a sports lock (fixing device) placed in the ear concha to secure the earpiece in the ear canal, providing extra stability.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE): Use a loss prevention cord for additional security.

If needed, custom earmolds can be chosen for better hearing performance and improved hearing aid stability.

How to Prevent Hearing Aids from Getting Sweaty and Damp During Exercise?

Sweating during exercise is inevitable, especially after aerobic activities. Wearing a sports headband can help manage sweat, and if sweating is excessive, use dry tissues or a clean cloth to wipe it off. Most products from Chosgo Hearing have an IP68 dust and water resistance rating, so minor sweat exposure won't immediately lead to damage. No need to overly worry.

How to Dry and Maintain Hearing Aids After Exercise?

Daily Maintenance:

Use a drying box with color-changing silica gel particles, which have strong adsorption capabilities. Simply place the hearing aids inside after each use and cover the lid.

Electronic Drying Box:

After using the hearing aids, place them in the electronic drying box, plug it in, and leave them for 3 hours. Avoid exceeding 12 hours of drying time; it's not necessary and may be harmful.

Vacuum Dehumidifier:

Visit a store for periodic drying and maintenance. Consult with your hearing care professional for specific frequency requirements.

In addition to protection, wearing hearing aids allows you to receive instructions from coaches and immerse yourself in the gym environment, enhancing your overall fitness experience. Don't let concerns hold you back—start your fitness journey today!

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