Why do people suffer from hearing loss?

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Hearing Loss refers to the decrease in hearing sensitivity caused by various reasons. Hearing is the sound perception obtained after analysis by the cerebral cortex. It is completed by the sound-transmitting organs with the function of conducting sound and the sound-sensing organs with the function of receiving sound. Structural or functional disorders in any part of this system can lead to Various degrees of hearing loss.

Why do people suffer from hearing loss?

Hearing loss may be caused by congenital causes or acquired causes.

1. Congenital causes.
1. If the patient's auricle is deformed, it may affect the collection of sound waves, leading to hearing loss.
2. If the patient has ear canal stenosis, ear canal atresia, etc., it may affect the conduction of sound, leading to hearing loss.

2. Acquired causes.

1. If the patient is disturbed by noise for a long time, it may cause noise-induced deafness, leading to hearing loss.

2. If the patient takes ototoxic drugs, such as gentamicin and other aminoglycoside antibiotics, it may cause drug-induced deafness, leading to hearing loss.

3. If the patient is older, the hearing in both ears may experience symmetrical and progressive decline. This condition is caused by organ aging and will worsen year by year.
4. If you suffer from sudden deafness of unknown cause, it can also cause hearing loss.

5. If you suffer from otitis media, middle ear cholesteatoma, otitis externa and other diseases, it may affect the conduction of sound, leading to hearing loss.

How to prevent hearing loss.

● Use ototoxic drugs with caution
When people reach old age, there are many diseases, and the elderly often use antibiotics, but it should be noted that when using ototoxic antibiotics such as streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, etc., do not overdose at one time or use them for too long. They can be combined with other drugs. Use alternately, or use traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. Appropriate application of vitamin B complex and anti-allergic drugs may prevent damage.

● Quit smoking and drink less
One of the most important factors leading to hearing loss is smoking and drinking every day. Smoking and drinking are harmful to the body and will affect the ear nerves and cause hearing loss. . So if you want to prevent hearing loss, smoke less and drink less. This is the best preventive measure.

● Change bad living habits
Such as wearing headphones to listen to music. If you always listen to the phone with one ear or the conversation lasts too long, doctors say that it is not advisable to turn the volume too high when listening to music, watching TV, or wearing headphones. Generally, it should be around 85 decibels. In addition, long-term mental stress and the inability to arrange work and rest reasonably are also bad living habits and should be changed.

● Get rid of the bad habit of picking your ears
Nowadays, many people have some hearing loss. One of the important reasons is that they like to dig their ears with their hands. This can lead to ear infections and illnesses. Otitis media. This will affect your hearing. So as long as you prevent yourself from picking your ears all the time, you won't suffer from hearing loss.

● Maintain a good mood and participate in more exercises
Maintain a happy mood every day and participate in as many exercises as you can, which can promote blood circulation throughout the body, improve disease resistance, and improve your own immunity. Strengthen the blood supply to the inner ear and delay organ aging.

Hearing loss is a serious social problem. It not only affects the quality of life of individuals, but also brings a heavy haze to families. When they cannot hear, many people will choose to minimize communication with others, or even psychologically refuse to communicate. Over time, their memory and understanding of language will deteriorate.

Face up to the problem of hearing loss and actively prevent and treat hearing problems, which can effectively avoid the negative physiological and psychological effects of hearing loss and improve your health.Good hearing is the key to a happy life, and caring for hearing is one of the life issues for everyone.