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Created at 2016-04-20 05:30:04 UTC by solitary

This is the official configuration to be used for season 8. ftw.cfg

To execute the config please do /rcon exec ftw.cfg, recall g_gametype 4 for Team Survivor, and g_gametype 7 for Capture The Flag.

Also late this Friday, April 22nd we will be releasing the official map list for FTWGL season 8. Stay tuned!


Esta es la configuración oficial que se utilizará en la temporada 8: ftw.cfg

Para ejecutar la config. escribir en la consola /rcon exec ftw.cfg y luego /rcon g_gametype 4 para TS y/o /rcon g_gametype 7 para CTF.

Ademas, este viernes 22 de abril publicaremos el listado oficial de mapas de la Octava Temporada de FTWGL. Esten atentos!


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